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How to Prepare

Follow these steps to prepare for your upcoming cosmetic service

  • You must be off Accutane for at least 6-9 months
  • Have not used Retinols for at least a month prior.
  • No antibiotics, deep exfoliation, or botox injections for 3 weeks prior.
  • No Sun or Tanning beds or saunas for at least 2 weeks prior.
  • No alcohol or caffeine for 24 hours before your procedure.
  • Please be free of blood thinners for at least 24 hours before your appointment. This includes aspirin, medications, alcohol, fish oil, and vitamin E.
  • No working out or caffeine the day of.
  • If you are on thyroid medications, antacids, or anxiety medications please be advised that it is known to affect color and retention. Please contact me before booking as a doctor’s note may be needed.
  • If you are on blood thinners you will not be able to receive permanent makeup.
  • If you tweeze, tint, wax, or thread your brows, please do not do so at least two weeks before your brow appointment. Failing to do so may make the area more sensitive, affect color retention, or absorb color into the pores outside the treated area. Your brows will be lightly groomed during your appointment. 
  • For a lip appointment, if you get cold sores or fever blisters, you must take antiviral medication for up to 2 weeks prior to service in that area.


  • Each client’s skin will respond differently, both in the length of time it takes to heal and the number of sessions it takes for your desired results. We cannot guarantee your results.
  • Technique and application used will depend on skin type and desired results.
  • Corrections are considered on a case by case basis and may require prior approval
  • We are unable to tattoo over hair transplants, moles, abrasions, or similar irregularities.