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Date:  Monday, January 30, 2023,⋅6:00 – 8:00pm
Jenna Goldin has been preparing taxes for small businesses and individuals since 2010. She co-owned and operated Math LLC from 2012-2020, the same year she launched Shift Accounting LLC. Jenna’s tax preparation work was born to bring a social justice lens to accounting. She found that the more she discussed money with clients, friends, and associates, the more the system exposed itself as a tool to perpetuate oppression and inequality. Her mission is to address the shame caused by the capitalist system to empower those it intends to subjugate. 
Class synopsis: In this 2-hour continuing education approved workshop, Enrolled Agent and Licensed Tax Consultant Jenna Goldin will cover topics such as business structures, self-employment taxes, types of income and expenses to keep track of, recordkeeping, quarterly taxes, and more. There will be a slide show presentation and lots of time for Q&A.