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Eyebrow Aftercare

How to Take Care of Your New Eyebrows

  • With clean hands, gently wash your brows morning and night with room temp water and a dampened cotton pad.

  • Lightly pat them dry with a paper towel or cotton pad and then lightly moisturize with recommended aftercare.

  • Change your pillowcase and please avoid touching your brows to your pillowcase while sleeping

  • Repeat twice daily until brows have fully finished peeling (approximately 10-14 days)

  • Avoid any excess moisture, excess sweat, makeup, exfoliation and skincare products in the area.

  • Avoid sun, though once your brows have peeled you may wear sunscreen.

  • Do not touch or pick at your brows while healing


What to Expect During the Healing Process

Although healing is the final step, it’s the most critical part. It’s highly recommended that clients follow all suggested instructions for proper healing. The healing process may take over 10 days and eyebrows might appear bolder after the procedure, which is considered normal and part of the healing process. It is also common to have faded areas. It may take between 1-3 treatments to achieve desired results.

1-3 days post procedure: (during this stage your brows may appear very dark) immediately after the procedure, you’ll be in the healing stage. You may have swelling, redness, skin sensitivity, minor bruises and/or slight discomfort. These are all normal side effects. You may take over the counter pain relievers.

4-7 days post procedure: (during this stage your brows may scab, then look as though the pigment has fallen out) the top layer of skin will start to become flaky, itchy and may start peeling. Do your best to avoid picking or itching. Let your brows heal naturally. If they become too itchy, you can lightly tap on the area in lieu of scratching. The new exposed pigments will eventually soften and settle into an appropriate natural appearance. To help aid the healing process, you may apply a thin layer of the recommended aftercare product at night just before bed.

8-10 days post procedure: (during this stage its typical for a velvety or waxy slough to appear, covering the pigment which may make them appear too light) scabbing and shedding may occur. You might have the urge to scratch, refrain from doing this because you could lose pigmentation. You may soothe the area with a cold, not frozen, compress or face cloth (lightly damp, not wet). The best healing component is simply to let your new brows breathe if it’s tolerable.

10-14 days post procedure: the initial intense color will have settled in to your skin and the desired color and shade will begin to appear.

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