What SNAFI is:

Still Not Asking For It is a tattoo flash fundraiser event created in 2015 by Ashley Love in New York City. This event was created with the sole purpose of finding real allies, bringing them together, and showing our communities that we are here and we care. 

SNAFI’s purpose is to work towards awareness, prevention, and recovery from sexual assault and rape, and to create and embrace a supportive and healing community in an industry that has been quiet for too long. 

Any tattoo shop around the world that opts in may participate in the event, which in turn creates an even stronger network of support for those who need our support the most. 100% of the proceeds go to organizations that aid in the healing and justice of survivors. 

Since the start of SNAFI, Ashley and her partner Jessica Fisher have raised $799,000

Why we chose SNAFI:

We chose to participate in SNAFI because we are allies. We believe the best way to make a change in our communities is to BE the change. Everyone knows someone, whether it be you, a friend, acquaintance, a family member, or someone in your chosen family, who has received abuse and violence in their lifetime. 

The tattoo community is changing and evolving every day, with artists and clients utilizing social media to call out abusers in our industry around the world. We refuse to idly stand by and allow for mistreatment to continue to manifest in our industry. 

Here at Anatomy Tattoo, we choose to listen, believe, and advocate for those who fear using their voice.

How we’re working our event, who’s working:

This June, we will be participating in SNAFI (Still Not Asking For It) for the first time ever, and we’re very excited to raise money for a good cause. This year is going to be unique as we are still finding ways to navigate through the pandemic properly. We want to keep you, our artists, and our communities as safe as possible, so we’d like to share some information on our event and how it will be conducted. 

We have selected NAYA Domestic Violence Healing Circle, a local organization here in PDX, whose mission is to end silence around issues of domestic and sexual violence by promoting community strength, respect, and balance in relationships. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to them. 

Our event will be taking place on Friday, June 25th, and Saturday, June 26th at 12 pm. A few days before the event, we will post the flash that is up for grabs. This is a first come first serve event only, so get here a little early the day of the event! 

Rio (@riochaneltattooart) and Tomma Mueller (@mommatomma) will be working both days and Victoria Varty (@swamp__witch__) on 6/25.
Victoria and Dev (@devdoesdrawings) will also be selling prints during the event to help raise as much money as possible. 

We’re very excited and looking forward to a solid turnout! We’ll be posting our flash in mid-June, so stay tuned for more announcements. Updates will be posted on our Instagram at @anatomytattoo

Us as a shop:

We are a proud, female-owned tattoo shop with some of the most incredible and versatile artists here in NE Portland. This is a safe space for anyone and everyone, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and physical abilities. 

We pride ourselves on helping people reclaim their bodies by providing some of the best tattoos in town. Whether you have a detailed sketch or just a faint idea of what your next (or first) tattoo may be, we work tirelessly to make sure you end up with the art and the artist you desire. 

Our clientele’s comfort and consent is the utmost important matter in our shop. We’ve adopted the Clients Bill of Rights to make sure each and every person who steps foot in our facility is comfortable and has full autonomy over their bodies. We believe every shop should practice these policies when providing a service that will be with you forever. Whether you’re getting tattooed by us or not, you have rights and should always feel safe. 

Clients Bill of Rights

Here is the Client Bill of Rights that we have adopted in our shop. We believe these policies are your birthright. You have consent over your body. Your voice matters. 

  1. The right to a clean and comfortable environment that follows best practices for health and safety.
  2. The right to equal treatment and service regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, or health status
  3. The right to respectful communication, including the right to be addressed by your preferred name and correct pronouns, and the right to be in an environment free of hate speech or verbal harassment.
  4. The right to an artist technically and stylistically suited to your tattoo request, or a reference to someone who is.
  5. The right to ask clarifying questions about the tattoo process and technical decisions that go into a design or placement limitation, and to have them answered with patience and respect.
  6. The right to be asked for approval as to your final design, and regarding changes your artist may consider during your tattoo session.
  7. The right to be asked for consent about physical contact and touch needed to perform your tattoo, including the adjustment or removal of clothing.
  8. The right to request and be provided with provisions toward your personal privacy and comfort to the best ability of the artist and shop. 
  9. The right to have your accessibility needs met to the extent that the shop and artist are able to provide them, or a referral to a shop or artist who can best meet those needs.
  10. The right to confidentiality around personal and private information, including the right to be asked for consent before photos of you are taken or posted. 
  11. The right to self-advocacy: to speak up and be heard if anything during your session or in regards to your overall shop experience does not feel right. 


Tamara Santibañez
K. Lenore Siner

For more information on Informed Consent and Trauma-Informed Tattooing visit: www.disciplinepress.com

We are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you. We hope you come out to join us. Thank you so much!

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