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Chelsea Lagomarsino has been a resident of Portland since 2009 and hails from Sacramento, California. She is a lover of analog-style & handmade art, and of course, became infatuated by tattoos by their very nature.
This infatuation led her to Atlas Tattoo, where she has been shop manager since 2019. Her time at Atlas has only nurtured her love of tattooing culture, and her art has blossomed into a mentorship at Anatomy Tattoo.
Chelsea’s current focus is honing her skills through honoring the time-tested traditions of American and Japanese-inspired art. She would like her tattooing to also provide updated, inclusive, and beautiful designs.
Chelsea loves to talk about food and chasing waterfalls.

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    Chelsea is a student at Anatomy Tattoo and is not licensed yet. she is doing small tattoos in order to fulfill her practical requirement to the state in order to receive her license.
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