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What should I do to prepare myself for a tattoo?

The first thing you should do is relax. We know that this can be a very stressful time and we want to assure you that we will take good care of you. Most importantly: try not to stress out.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that tattoos don’t hurt, but remember that any pain is temporary and a great tattoo from Anatomy Tattoo is forever. We also strive to create an atmosphere you can relax in, which makes the tattooing process much more enjoyable.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Depending on the size and location of your tattoo, you may end up sitting in the same position for hours so dress accordingly by wearing loose comfortable clothes. Not only does this prevent problems for the artists like fidgeting and tension but it will help you stay comfortable and relaxed throughout the duration of your tattoo. If your tattoo is in an area that is usually covered by clothing, consider wearing something that leaves that spot open for the artist to do their work. If your tattoo is on your shoulder, don’t wear a long sleeve shirt. If you’re getting tattooed on your thigh, don’t wear jeans. Otherwise be prepared to remove the article of clothing blocking the artist from the spot he/she will be tattooing. Sometimes ink can get on your clothing so you might consider wearing something black or clothing that you wont care if ink gets on it.

Q: What should I eat?

A: Getting a tattoo is in many ways like getting a minor medical procedure, make sure you consume plenty of high protein foods before your tattoo to prepare your body for what it’s about to go through. Do not take an aspirin before a tattoo and try to avoid drinking lots of coffee, these are known blood thinners and can cause additional bleeding.

Q: What should (or shouldn’t) I drink?

A: It’s important to stay hydrated while getting a tattoo, drink plenty of water the day before you get tattooed. Dehydration can not only make your skin less tattooable but it can cause headaches and ill feelings. Avoid alcohol and any blood-thinning medication, including aspirin. If you swell or are worried about pain management, you can take ibuprofen, but please be aware that it can thin your blood as well.

Avoid consuming alcohol 24 to 48 hours before your tattoo. Alcohol will dehydrate you and cause your blood to thin. It is also illegal for us to tattoo anybody under the influence. We recommend you do your best to not come into your appointment hung over. Even after you sober up you are still dehydrated a while after and this will cause additional unnecessary discomfort. Getting tattooed requires good head space which is hard to find after a night out. Drink plenty of water, juices or teas to hydrate yourself before your session

Q: What should I bring?

A: Feel free to bring things that might help you relax or entertain you while getting tattooed weather that’s headphones, a stuffed animal, pillow, pajamas, slippers or your friend. It’s not uncommon for people to shiver during a tattoo because your body may be in shock so consider bringing a sweater, hoodie, or blanket to keep you warm.

Q: Hygiene?

A: While getting tattooed you and your artist will be very close. You want to make sure you are showered and smelling clean to improve the comfort of your artist, other clients and guests of the shop and yourself.

Q: Should I shave?

A: You might think you can save your artist some time and effort by shaving the area you are getting tattooed yourself and in some cases you are, but if you are an inexperienced shaver its best to leave it up to the artists. Ingrown hairs and razor burn can negatively affect your tattoo and you may even be asked to reschedule.