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Tattoo Aftercare FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about tattoo aftercare.

Our industry can be complex, with unique style names and many technical terms. There are different methods to apply tattoos, different types of machines, and important aftercare procedures.

We’ve added extensive information on Tattoo Aftercare through our site. Remember you are also welcome to call or drop in with any questions you may have. Whatever questions you may have and whatever information you need, Anatomy Tattoo is here to help.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. 503.231.1199

Q: Is scabbing normal?

A: Not exactly. Scabbing can be normal, but it’s best to avoid scabbing by using a thin amount of lotion. Excessive moisture can cause excessive scabbing, for this reason, we don’t recommend you jump out of the shower having just washed your tattoo and slather a bunch of lotion on it. Your body will heal your tattoo, the lotion is just to keep your tattoo malleable so it can move and bend with you. Your main job is to keep it clean.
If scabbing does occur: Don’t pick at the scabs, otherwise, you may pull up skin and ink and end up scaring your tattoo. The scabs will fall off on their own in a couple of weeks when the skin underneath is healed.

Q: How do I know if my tattoo is infected?

A: Your tattoo may be red and swollen a few days after application, It is more difficult than people think to get an infected tattoo. People assume that any irritation is an infection. If your tattoo stays hot, swollen or gets more swollen past a week or starts leaking yellow, or green pus, then you have an infection. Infections occur most often during the healing process of your tattoo, so we stress keeping your tattoo clean. If you are fighting off an infection please go visit a doctor, If you aren’t sure if you have an infection or an irritation, please come back in and see your artist or another qualifying person at anatomy tattoo.


Q: Why does my new tattoo look faded?

A: As the skin starts to heal, it starts to form a new layer of skin that makes your tattoo look dull and faded. Over time, as the new skin settles in, the ink will shine through and your beautiful tattoo will be revealed. This process may take anywhere from 2-8 weeks so be patient before you think about adding more ink.

Q: Can I shower while my tattoo is healing?

A: Absolutely! Just try to make sure the soaps and shampoos you use don’t contain alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Also – be careful when drying yourself off after the shower; pat dry the tattoo to avoid any unnecessary stress to the area.