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Kelsey Gallagher


I’m Kelsey & I am the cosmetic tattoo artist here at Anatomy. I’ve been with the shop for the last 4 years as both an apprentice and a Semi-PMU artist for the last 2. I’ve been constantly perfecting my craft as I continually grow and learn new services for all of my clients. 

At Anatomy, I have a beautiful space inside our location that creates a peaceful & dreamy atmosphere. This space is perfect to have a thoughtful conversation with each guest I encounter to ensure that we together can achieve the most suitable outcome for you. 


Permanent MakeUp

Combo brow – $550 – $50 touch up
Microshade – $450 – $50 touch up
Microblade – $400 – $50 touch up
Freckles – $120 – $50 touch up

Tooth Bling

$50 Deposit
$10 per gem

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