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How to Remove Second Skin

Second Skin

Saniderm, Tegaderm, Tattoo-derm, and Tatu-Derm.

Occasionally we use a product called Tegaderm on my clients, it is a breathable, plastic, hypoallergenic, waterproof bandage that Allows moisture to escape and oxygen to enter for breath-ability. It flexes and moves with the body. If I have applied this to your tattoo, keep the Tegaderm on for 2-3 days, or as long as it will stay on.

Tegaderm is also known as Tagaderm, Tattoo-derm, and Tatu-Derm.

Once the bandage comes off, follow the aftercare instructions like normal.

If you experience any redness around the bandage, itching, burning, hives, or anything that doesn’t seem normal, remove the bandage immediately under running water, wash and start the aftercare instructions as normal.

Video by Christy Brooker, owner of Damask Tattoo in Seattle, WA. For the full video, please click here.

How to remove Tatu-Derm or any clear, breathable tattoo bandage.

A lot of people have trouble taking these bandages off, so I wanted to make a video to show you guys what I think is the easiest way to do it.

First thing I did was cleaned my whole [sink] area here. I’m going to be using liquid soap rather than the bar soap because the bar soap just sits there and collects dust and bacteria, so liquid soap is better for this.

So, I’m going to wash my hands really well and I’m going to be using paper products to dry because even clean towels can have bacteria on them.

You can see that I’ve been wearing this for probably about 12 hours now, so it’s already starting to get a little bit loose [and] it’s already got some dirt on it which is why I’m going to remove it.

The easiest way to do this is to try to get an edge and instead of peeling it this way we’re going to pull it and the reason for that is that if I pull it this way, I can separate the sticky stuff in the plastic and that sticky stuff would still be on my skin for days – so I’m just going to slowly work my way around here, and pull it away from the center.

This can take a little while that’s fine. This is already loose so that would be a good place to start – I’m stretching it off of my skin rather than pulling it off. This point is [slightly] stuck to the hair.

We start pulling it this way… I’m just stretching out that area that is already not attached because it had balm on it. You can kind of see it releasing as we stretch. And I think that’s everything.

Okay and now I’m going to wash the tattoo area. I not even going to turn this [the water] on all the way because I don’t want a really hard stream of water on there.

Liquid soap – use several times to get all of the ‘goo’ off of the tattoo.

The only part of me that’s tattooed is just little areas here, I just added these letters (I should say freshly tattooed).

Okay – then [use] paper products again, and I’m just dabbing it off of the tattoo area. Backside [of tattoo] is not fresh.

I’m going to take the wild rose vegan ink balm, and just put a tiny bit – since my hands are freshly washed it’s okay for me to put my finger in there – but after I put this on I’m not going to double dip. This is more than enough – a little bit of balm on there. I’m only putting that much on because I’m going to be rebandaging. If I was putting that on after the bandaging is done, I would put much less on or I would take the paper towel and dab that excess off.

I’m going to rebandage with the Sana-derm that we sell at the studio.

This [piece] is really big for this tattoo; so I’m going to cut it and I’m going to watch the scissors too because you don’t want any dirt from the scissors.

I’m not going to open this all the way because I’m going to put some back in. I’m just going to need a little area.

The rest back in the package, and try not to touch the surface too much.

Now it just peels right off from the top there – let’s secure it down. Now my tattoo is nice and clean and rebandaged.

I’m going to leave this on for another day or two depending on how much it releases from repeated hand-washing and depending on if that starts to get dirty on the edge there.

Now I’m ready to go!